Care for Women (Moore)


Preparation for Labor

When do I go to the hospital?

-Regular, painful contractions every five minutes for at least one hour. These contractions should be strong enough that you cannot walk or talk during them.

-Loss of fluid. This may be a gush of fluid that soaks your clothing or a slow, constant wetness you cannot control. If you think your water might be broken, it is best to go in and have it checked.

-Not feeling the baby move. If you have not felt the baby move normally, you should drink something with a lot of sugar, for example orange juice, and lay down to concentrate just on feeling the baby. If you are still not feeling the baby move normally, go to labor and delivery to have the baby’s well-being evaluated.

-Vaginal bleeding. Some women may spot after their cervix is checked in the office or after sex. If you are bleeding enough to have to put on a pad, you should be evaluated to ensure the blood is coming from the cervix and not the placenta.

If you have any of the above symptoms, go to the Norman Regional HealthPlex. Your doctor doesn’t deliver at any hospital other than Norman Regional HealthPlex. You do not need to call the office to let us know. The triage nurse will evaluate you, and then contact the doctor after you have arrived at the hospital.

When do I call my doctor?

If you have a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. If you are pregnant and think your water is broken or you are in labor you do not need to call the answering service, please go directly to Labor and Delivery at the Norman Regional HealthPlex.

It is our policy that absolutely no prescriptions will be called in after normal business hours. If you need a prescription, you will need to go to the emergency room or a minor ER clinic to be properly evaluated and treated.

If you have an URGENT condition that cannot wait until normal business hours, you may call our answering service at (405) 793-2229. Any other problems should be addressed during normal business hours. There may be a charge for any non-emergency calls made to the answering service outside normal business hours.