Care for Women (Moore)


Allison Huebert

Allison Huebert, MD

Allison Huebert, MD offers full gynecologic care. She sees women in all stages of reproductive life. She partners with patients to optimize management of common women’s health issues like menstrual disorder (including heavy bleeding), pelvic pain, endometriosis, fibroid disease, infertility, pre-conception care and menopausal symptom management.

If surgery is indicated, Dr. Huebert offers traditional surgical therapy as well as extensive options for minimally invasive approaches. With several years experience as a robotic surgeon, Dr. Heubert has seen excellent results with robotic pelvic surgery. This approach, when compared to traditional surgeries, allows women to have full surgical treatment without large incisions. Smaller incisions mean a faster and easier recovery. This allows women to return more quickly to their busy and demanding lives. The most critical part of surgical treatment is choosing the best approach for treatment. Robotic hysterectomy and other minimally invasive techniques such as endometrial ablation give women more options for a thorough treatment and a speedy recovery. To learn more please click here.

Dr. Huebert believes that childbirth is one of the most exciting and life-changing times in a woman’s life. As a mother of four children, she enjoys guiding others through the process. Dr. Huebert offers comprehensive obstetric care that is respectful of this family event. The goals of prenatal care are to optimize mom’s well-being and monitor baby’s status. We aim for family-centered care. Her goals for obstetric care are delivery of a healthy, term baby to a healthy mom in a safe and comfortable environment. While childbirth is a natural and normal process, sometimes a need for intervention arises quickly. Such times call for timely action guided by safety and respect for the family. Those quick interventions can drastically alter outcomes for both mom and baby. Dr. Huebert is pleased to offer delivery at the Norman Regional HealthPlex. This facility allows for family-centered birth with great respect for safety as well. Dr. Huebert recognizes the privilege it is to join others in this most life-change event.